Bartın Amasra

Bartın , is located in the western part of the Black Sea Region is. Although there are no precise information about Bartin and around the first settlers, the area's first settlers those of the region BC It is believed to be from the 14th century Gaskin. Hittite Empire's dominance in the region with Gaskin began to become a major power has ended. After the collapse of the Hittite Empire Lydians, Persians, Macedonians, Romans Bithynia Kingdom and are dominated region. Roman era, is known to Bartin important military and economic reasons. Roman Empire, the M.S. is seen in the region remained divided into the Eastern Roman territory when 395`t. After this period, it took the Byzantine activity in the region, it is known that in the 13th century after the Turks came to Anatolia and the environment of Bart Candaroğulları enter Beyliği`N dominance.

1395`t to Bayezid, to take the Candaroğulları Bartin Beyliği`N with the continued influence of the Genoese colony in Amasra`, Amasra Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1460 it is history during the Ottoman rule.

Bart, 1924`t to Zonguldak` district, while in the province in 1991. The province has been olmuştur.1`

                                                         Things to Do in Bartin

Bartin River

Bartin most important river, referred to by name in Parthenios years BC and gave its name to the city is Bart river.


İnkumu 3 km long has the most beautiful beaches with fine sandy beaches of the western black sea. Bart to the gelindeig is certainly a place to be seen.

Amasra Çekiciler Bazaar

You can find out all kinds of ornaments, wood carving and crafting. You should see a little crowded, but it is absolutely

Amasra Kalesi

It was built by the Byzantines.
Amasra Castle used heavily by the Genoese in particular, has seen serious repairs in the 14th and 15th century.

After the castle, you must be sure Weeping Tree. Ashland can watch all the hill

Canlı Balık restoarant  (Mustafa Amca’nın Yeri)

The freshest fish, legends salads, yogurt with honey, views ... And all this at half the price of similar places in Istanbul ... There ashland.

Kuskayasi Road Monument

Landscape Do not değer.üşen seeing the great and historical monuments 110 step comes before the:) inscription in "interstate on behalf of peace and friendship and the emperor Germanicus dominance in memory, Gaius Julius Aquila mountain was half and built resort with its own private benefit" shall convenience. There ashland.

Ulukaya Canyon

1 km. long, you are not unique in the magnificent canyon meandering Ulukaya Falls welcomes.

Ulukaya Falls

17 Km from the international district. Away.
One of the natural paradise Bartin.

Güzelcehis Lava Rocks

flowing lava from volcanoes in Güzelcihisar have become rock cools.
This has occurred as a result of natural cracks and the cracks gradually grew and took the present shape.

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