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Burdur is home to numerous chronicled and characteristic magnificence as it is in numerous urban communities of Turkey. Hacilar Höyüğü, Sagalassos Ancient City, Lake Salda, Insuyu Cave are the most known about them. This rundown was added to the Kibyra Antique City, which has been quickened lately for exhuming work.

The unearthings completed by Mehmet Akif Ersoy University for the Kibyra Antique City found the biggest earth-formed mosai in Anatolia. M.S. Exhuming work for the mosaic, which should be made in 250 years, is as yet going on. When I went to Kibyra, I had an opportunity to talk with the exhuming group for a bit, and the mosaic would have been totally shown for 1-2 months.

On the off chance that I had my mind now, I read archaic exploration in school. It is an incredible energizing background to work in that mosaic exhuming and take such a work to the day. Heleki will delve in our nation, such a large number of metals that have not been unearthed yet ...

About Kibyra Antique City 

It is assessed that Kibyra is a name having a place with the Luvi from the old civic establishments of Anatolia, which preceded the Roman/Helenistic period. The Amasya voyager, Strabon, said in the letter that the Kibyrals were Lydians. All things considered, it is conceivable to state that he encountered his most capable time in the Roman time frame.

The stadium, theater, the marketplace and the Assembly working in the old city of Kibyra are in great condition, similar to the showers remainders found as of late.

Kibyra Stadium 

BC in Kibyra Stadium From the first century onwards, warriors were appeared. Fighter figures were likewise discovered battling around the stadium, however it is impractical to see right now.

The stadium-molded, six-pressed part broken down, yet the part with six rocks is entirely strong. The stadium has a limit of 10,000 individuals.

Kibyra Agora 

You can think like Kibyra public square, the strip mall of the city, you can consider it a shopping center based on 3 porches like the present malls, that is 3 stories. It is additionally conceivable to see the water and sewage structures of the city while in transit to the public square. Toward the start of the Agora is likewise a sanctuary.

Kibyra Theater 

In the greater part of the old urban areas, you see that there is a stadium and a theater in the city. Kibyra theater is one of the immense theaters of Anatolia with a limit of 8000 individuals.

Ibyra Music House and Assembly Building 

At present, the most hearty place of the antiquated city has served as a place of music, a building utilized as a parliament fabricating or even a court, and as a theater in winter. This working, with a limit of 3600 individuals, has additionally been recorded as the biggest antique structure of Anatolia.

On the floor of the building, a mosaic like Medusa was found amidst the photo underneath, and this mosaic is additionally the biggest and strong mosaic found in Anatolia, 95% of Medusa staying in place under the ground. I took the accompanying photograph from Arkeolojihaber.net on the grounds that now they have secured the highest point of the mosaic with pulverized stone and said that it will be shown for 1-2 months. The 1700-year-old medusa mosaic has a measurement of 11 meters,

Kibyra Bath 

The late Roman time frame Kibyra shower is likewise the primary chronicled shower in Turkey. The size truly amazes the general population. It is evaluated that the shower is no less than 800 years of age.

How to get to Kibyra Antique City? 

The old city of Kibyra is notwithstanding neglecting the township of Burdur's Gölhisar area. You can get to Gölhisar minibusses from Burdur focus to go to the city 110 km far from Burdur region focus, however you need to escape the downtown area via auto, there is no open transportation to walk and far as I probably am aware.

In the event that you are touching base by private auto, you can reach to Burdur-Fethiye interstate first by coming to Gölhisar, Gölhisar and afterward taking after Kibyra signposts.

Since the antiquated city is spread over a wide sloping zone, we prescribe you to pick agreeable shoes and take your water.

Kibyra Antique City, established in 300 BC, is a standout amongst the most vital antiquated urban areas of the world with its stadium, parliament building and public (square). There has been such a critical antiquated city in the base of our sense about numerous years and we are simply starting to figure it out.

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