Adiyaman Guide to Where?

1) Mount Nemrut

which has entered the rundown of UNESCO social legacy of humankind in 1987 vestiges of Mount Nemrut, Adiyaman region focus is 43 km from the town of Kahta 77. This World Heritage site, on the eastern Taurus Mountains at an elevation of 2206 meters, is situated on a slope sitting above the plain of the Euphrates River and walkway.

Commagene King Antiochus for breaking the sepulcher and stones stacked and framed a tumulus on the patios around the fire sacred place and the Persians - in the Macedonian style has made mammoth statues and reliefs stellar.

2) Adiyaman Grand Mosque

Adıyaman is situated in the downtown area. Dulkadirogullari mosque was worked at the season of the realm was reestablished ordinarily later. An engraving states that the mosque was inherent 1863 while in transit right up 'til the present time, is situated in the east-bound surface of the minaret. Another engraving inside the mosque at a similar place it is comprehended that the base belt repaired in 1902.

3) Severen Bridge

Severen Bridge; Septimus Severus, otherwise called the Roman scaffold or extension. Antiquated cabinas (mutilate) is situated on the tea. This name was given to the scaffold interfaces the two sides of the stream moving through a tremendous gully. Kahler in the correct way Karakus tumulus to the locale around 10 Km subsequent to passing the Mount Nemrut is Kocahisar Sincik-are at an intersection.

4) New Castle

The principal development date of the mansion going back to the Hittites exhibit shape is dating the Mamluks were utilized amid the Ottoman time frame. The Urartu Castle, Part Commagene, Roman, Sasanian, and it is realized that in the hands of the Arabs.

5) The old city of Perre

5 km north of the Adiyaman. Ahead of schedule in the necropolis of the old Roman city perra. Straight close Pirin are 208 tombs in the necropolis spread over the slants of Montenegro and these tombs are cut into the stone.

6) Adiyaman Museum

The archeological corridor demonstrating coherence to the Ottoman time frame from the Paleolithic Age; Paleolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic, are shown different works of Seljuk and Ottoman periods.

7) Karakus tumulus

It is a tomb of the Commagene Kingdom family. tumulus above was made by the gathering of tea stone. Due to the roughly 20-meter high tumulus south falcon statue raised on sections with blackbirds called by the neighborhood individuals and culture writing has gone into under this name.

8) Adiyaman Bazaar

9) Ziyaoğl Ocakbasi

a wonderful place where you can eat the meat toward the start of January.

10) Water Eye

Special place for an excursion. Colorful be found in the grand excellence of a characteristic ponder. It is prescribed.

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