Stinks of Ottoman noticing city Safranbolu

You have this outing our stinks of Ottoman scents, stayed in place with world-popular well known chronicled house, with breathtaking horizon, real picture of the surviving notable souks, khans, showers, I need to rampage and the primary story arrive Safranbolu.

meandering through the memorable boulevards of Safranbolu, go shopping in the enchanting societies, Yemeniciler might have the capacity to inhale profoundly drenches determined follows the historical backdrop of our development in the old bazaars to get your lungs you a lesson?

As such, the primary open door you assess your way if no Safranbolu am certain you will concur with me ever fall.

17 12 1994 DE SINCE UNESCO CULTURAL HERITAGE LIST OF PERMANENT Dear companions, Safranbolu ravishing climate history, culture, values not just bizlerede of the world have likewise been endorsed.

Since 1994 Safranbolu UNESCO's social legacy list for all time. Along these lines our nation with pride and amazing privilege to speak to the estimation of world tourism Safranbolu, has turned into a worldwide brand case for our nation. How much pride on the off chance that we ought to give this power and how we're regarded di excitement to further improve the brand estimation of our Safranbolu for us, I think.


Safranbolu composing a different exquisite winter in a different fine.

On the off chance that the way you will feel that you are vanishing for a totally unique domain, if winter snows fall under Safranbolu.

It was so enchanting children's story so well so I say go in the diversion you are certain to encounter the amazing sight despite the fact that the photo.


Izzet Mehmet Pasha Mosque in SADRAZAM

Can gezikolik in Safranbolu there are such a large number of captivating recorded and social values on to let them know an article, it is difficult to pass on. Along these lines, this restricted our corner entirely noteworthy that I think will hold any importance with you and I might want to say considerably more intriguing spot.

One of them is the Grand Vizier Izzet Mehmet Pasha Mosque, dear companions. As you most likely are aware, in Safranbolu likewise fantastic viziers. Fabulous Vizier of the Ottoman Empire with two extensive coordinated nearly Safranbolu. Here's one of them the Grand Vizier Izzet Mehmet Pasha, the others in a state of banishment came Safranbolul in spite of the fact that not as uncommon works Safranbolu, leaving the respect to be pardoned for the life of Koprulu Mehmet Pasha overlook this, dear companions.

Year 1796 was the year of the Gregorian göstermekteyk Sultan III. Selim 1794-1798 years between great vizier who made Izzet Mehmet Pasha was brought up to have a little model Nuruosmaniye Mosque of in this delightful city of Istanbul accordingly the name of everlastingly live on this rich and uncommon earth to the appreciation need to pay you a tiny bit.

As indicated by the talk about the development of the mosque, more than once crushed after the development of mosque minarets. By one means or another we don't discover an answer chiefs choose ergani minaret one final time to be more done.

Who fabricated the minaret so as to energize the firm is said to be a ton of cash. Be that as it may, if this time minarets be destroyed once more, hitting the minaret of the neck of the ace who is proclaimed to be rebuffed seriously. In spite of the fact that the recreation of the minaret to minaret notice to all bosses of whatever they would prefer not to carry out this occupation in light of the fact that the danger of his life toward the end of this business.

The minaret of a mosque at last, the Jews revamped the minaret by an ace. In any case, he likewise experts don't complete the development of new minarets would be decimated by me in my auto without dreading the cash swiftly fled the towns around Samsun.

In spite of the fact that the minaret to go through the development of up to 20 years, this opportunity to advise the ace of the nonappearance of something is advised to come and take the cash.

The talented skilled workers at the break and were fortunate to get the cash following 20 years of work can come Safranbolu trip with colic.

Yes, in the event that you pay consideration on the two engravings on the passageway entryways of the mosque, dear companions, this masterpiece, authorized by the Grand Vizier Izzet Mehmet Pasha and repaired, you can comprehend that in the year 1902.

Safranbolu our Istanbul'umuzda your excursion one of the heavenly imaginative works taking after a little smaller than expected of Nuru Osmaniye mosque and old in this setting human advancement city of Safranbolu stay toward the end of the eighteenth century, a standout amongst the most fascinating work without this mosque can trip the partition abstain from looking profoundly into the aesthetic magnificence of the minaret colics.


Safranbolu depends on various recorded estimations of numerous urban areas in our nation, the way of life, the climate could have been accomplished without losing a lot to secure. However, dear companions, there is such a great amount of work to do than that.

Date Hidirlik plate out of Safranbolu, that magical, it is exquisite, it's amazing horizon, yet still more rebuilding while envisioning the gitmişçe the story arrive or unfinished actually that you can see the great chronicled remained in the present day speech crack unworthy of visual spaces.

Safranbolu is one of the tourism mark estimations of our nation dear companions with in light of missing unfinished or recharging has not yet started, preservation work finished and the old to disturb the enchanting picture of our Safranbolu, a minute back to coordinate completely with staggering symbolism, recorded, wish to orchestrating and we might want in particular.

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