Bolu Yedi Göller

It is an awesome place to envision, that every one of the marvels of nature, stunning beauty, you have shown stupendous nezahet.

On the off chance that Seven Lakes, you are precisely on the scene on the off chance that you are a national stop.

streaming with the stream, as şırıl tunes, frigid with recuperating springs, Seven Lakes appealing lake with each other, ought not miss the dead zone possessed a dazzling normal magnificence.


Seven Lakes are seven lakes in which the name of the national stop.

Each of the names of this lovely lake from each other; Sazlıgöl, Incegöl, Nazlıgöl, Küçükgöl, Deringöl, Büyükgöl and Deringöl.

Plunge with spillage as an aftereffect of the conclusion of the front of the interlinked lakes, streams avalanche has happened.

Each unless you visit the national stop must see isolate these lakes, stopping people in their tracks of visitors with practically supernatural excellence.


On the off chance that you additionally decent to see Yedigöller of the season, it will be the response to every one of the four periods of 12 months.

Every season you can discover all the magnificence of one Yedigöller can encounter issues in transportation alone in a national stop in winter.

Photograph lovers can see kind of magnificence in all seasons, particularly in spring and they likewise indicated incredible enthusiasm for the succumb to Seven Lakes, to live, to feel conceivable.

Pythagoras TREES MUST SEE 

Seven Lakes is conceivable to see numerous phenomenal magnificence of national parks. One of these Pythagorean tree. Pythagoras tree triangle wonderful component everybody's must-stop point with an enthusiasm for nature and photography.

Searching FOR A PLACE to KAPANKA voracious BEAUTY 

Take after the pathway, you get the pole rather Kapanka taking a gander at the position of the recreation center commanded by national parks can watch the slope, you can catch sees in various excellence to your own viewfinder, the sum won't discover city life can take your oxygen to the lungs.


Seven Lakes are likewise a fascinating element of the national stop. Heaven original station trout culture in our nation was established in Seven Lakes National Park in 1969. Along these lines it has been an essential store for angling.

To a great degree SUITABLE FOR CAMP 

Seven Lakes likewise offers a to a great degree perfect environment for mates national stop campground.

Outdoors can be effectively set up in the range allotted for your tent, you can listen to your spirit functions arranged by the marvelous regular magnificence for you.

Grill to NOW BAN 

Seven Lakes was discharged before the grill in the national stop. In any case, over the smoldering of a choice gone out on a limb of harm to the grill, though the littlest of the mind blowing excellence it was banned. In the national stop it can without much of a stretch keep your fish on a cookout permitted in specific periods.


Seven Lakes can likewise be suited by making camp in a national stop or in your home or convoy cabin. Salas eating dumplings from drinking focuses, flapjacks, there are likewise sustenances, for example, doughnuts in the stopping region where you can without much of a stretch give social fortification regions.


Seven Lakes national stop, can be come to by means of a few courses. Ankara - Istanbul expressway 152 kilometers from the Seven Lakes can come back to an intersection.

On the off chance that you'd like you can come through Bolu Ankara - Istanbul Zonguldak and take after the street Mengen - Seven Lakes by means of the printer's conceivable to achieve remarkable magnificence.

In the event that you originate from which course because of settled substantial part of being watchful and to a great degree helpful to indicate the way more speed.

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