Focal Anatolia is the sparkling star, a blossom that sprouts in the heart of the steppes, wheat arrive, the place where there is onions, sunflower land, and we are glad for the Phrygian medar Polatlı Gordion.


Sincan, Ankara, capital of one of the biggest free locale. Polatli starting point of the name is said to originate from a lot of horsemen.

There was a considerable amount of stallion in the steppe and straight ovayl secured the course of history in Polatli, as per talk.

Subsequently the name given in Bol on horseback.

the elocution of the name of the city has gotten a lot of times as of now on horseback.

A lot of stallions in Polatlı Gordion mind toward the start of the tally to come visit the place to be seen.

Polatlı Gordion additionally one of the names utilized as a part of the antiquated Phrygian time frame.

Gordion antiquated town on the fringes of our Sincan area, 94 km from Ankara, Eskişehir bearing, Sakarya and the Badger streams that consolidate point found 29 km northwest of our Sincan region.


Specifically, Alexander the Great, a large number of comprehending the Gordian bunch that has been utilized until today as a legend for a long time.

Yes, on the off chance that we express this legend, King Midas of Phrygia time in the legend, the ruler is said that the well known city race. a well known researcher of the antiquated city of Gordion that time situated in a prediction after long reflections. The antiquated city and the nation's kin will be the future ruler, says a bull truck stacked with roughage after 12 pm will enter the city of Gordion.

After the minister communicated this prediction couldn't rest throughout the night and all city individuals no longer anticipate the new lord without bounds of the city until morning, and start to look forward with incredible eagerness.

ranchers, who Name Gordion, expel the straw is set up with extraordinary care Gordion street early sunset to offer in the city.

In the pitch-dull night reaches town toward the end of Gordion kept driving the bull truck.

It is supposed that the agriculturist's well known King Midas' dad.

Agriculturists Gordion, will be given the name to enter the primary light of morning the city.

Every side is void in the city.

In the mean time, since the night the square loads with individuals of the city all of a sudden jumps out at take after forward.

giving the impression of an old man extremely regarded and proficient of present and long whiskers and arranged in the group: "That prediction materialized.

The new lord of our city and our nation is no more drawn out the man he called Gordian announced the kingdom of laborers.

Wheat dealers villagers Gordion, what is even gets himself all of a sudden without comprehension positions of royalty.

Presently, sitting on royal positions Gordion, inquisitively analyzing the natural and channel. The beats the excite of Gordion, the kingdom is presently exceptionally glad.

In any case, the city is as yet ruler of the bull truck, remaining in the square, albeit didn't really needs to remain by one means or another can not force himself to toss aside.

At last he chose to take the auto to give you the bulls and the city's biggest square and take the wonderful sanctuary.

The auto as a blessing to the sanctuary.

Lord Gordion his days furrowing without bulls before the auto is currently not able to determine the impasse for money has turned into a rope and his company:

"Whoever can comprehend this impasse will give him an extremely fancy and excellent endowments," he says.

In any case, regardless of all that I manage and battle dazzle nobody can settle.

Every once in a while containers and now bull truck and start to the wellspring of the prediction won't be overlooked for a large number of years a sort of impasse can not be determined.

As per the prescience, that whoever break the achievement of the visually impaired will be the ruler of all Anatolia and Asia.

Incalculable individuals ordinarily the possibility of this prescience would be a genuine hard time trusting that by one means or another I can not settle the strange and extremely fascinating visually impaired.

How about we discuss the legend of our bam wire.

legend of the Macedonian lord Alexander the Great, had set up his fantasies of being the leader of the world since the early age. Gordionl the clerics of the sanctuary of the ruler Gordian's auto section to the general population who figure out how to settle the visually impaired hub connecting rope, the prescience that they may not command the whole earth was left of the old world.

who longs for commanding the universe of Alexander the Great to the absence of news from the prophet, he didn't show up in the even likelihood.

The importance of this prediction to Alexander the Great, the best approach to rule the earth

It was to be prevailing go to Anatolia.

Be that as it may, to accomplish this fantasy would not be so natural. Since an expansive piece of Anatolia that day, communicated as one of the best domain the world has ever known was administered by the Persians. Toward the start of the Persian administration powerful Dara name as infamous III. Darius was found.

a considerable aspiration and insight with the baffling force of Alexander, Adana, around 90 km. ISSOS inside the city before the Persian head Dara albeit far less in number of troops vanquished by indicating enormous achievement was the new leader of all of Anatolia.

After this incredible triumph, Alexander, now King Philip's child, Alexander, not individuals for a huge number of years, even after the name of the name of the city to envision the shock that reviewed extraordinary domain he established, Alexander the Great was the straight.

After this incredible triumph of Alexander the Great, Gordion achieve the city in a brief timeframe and diminishes incomes to the sanctuary for a long time to determine the stop over the bunch with his sword dream and expelling all power from its casing with a fit.

never take a direct lifting the sword slice spending with an end goal to determine the halt Alexander is truly fascinating. So now it is no more extended evident impasse can not be determined for quite a long time. Yes this impasse is determined incredible setting Sincan area has been supposed to have been found in Yassıhöyük town. Yassıhöyük we achieved the town that must be gone to Gordion Museum and where the legend of the Phrygian King Midas' tomb tumulus (hill) visitors to meet.


Can trip with colic, where the illustrious tombs in the antiquated Gordion tumuli accepted up to 35 expression is found. The most well known and best-known obviously that this tumulus of King Midas' tomb.

Tomb of Turkish archeologists and designers have found is that the effective work and the techniques they have created for our nation glad separate improvement.

For me this is essential work that adds to our researchers who added to last, I might want to express my appreciation to our designers and our paleologist. A substantial tumulus situated inside the amazing grave, can be come to through within the long passage.

Old tomb encompassed by thick tree trunks and presently ensured by iron railings graves in the room.

You giremese despite the fact that the room when you come into the room before the grave, on the off chance that you begin to notice the old world was brimming with air.

I'm certain you will concur with me when you go.

The grave contained old fashioned furniture, bone and different materials trusted that the remaining parts of King Midas right now displayed in the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara.

Ankara Museum of Anatolian Civilizations One point we ought not really in the capital Ankara. How about we additionally take note of that after Gordian's another baffling legend.

Jackass If Eared Midas myth situated in Midas' all what touch is something just underneath it touches you touches, so now the long ears like world-exhausted and jackasses is supposed that popular Phrygian King Midas.


Lord Midas, who lived in 700 BC. As indicated by legend, every one of the things that continue turning the under specified as a voracious King Midas, who offered to offer it to him in the event that you ask what is given as a blessing by the supposed Greek god Dionysus.

Each age and extremely valuable estimation of each person to have the same number of need the base to ensure the biçilmezlig King Midas, everything he's straight off the gold that he dileyiv hold.

Be that as it may, this is the start of what works will barely need to record wish of King Midas. To be sure, notwithstanding when his hand to his mouth while eating even considered gold to be the sustenance.

Indeed, even the typically ordinary life proceeds with highly constrained King Midas, it can evidently wished to have each man needs to dispose of this component counsel from Dionysus.

The alleged god Dionysus, King Midas in agony and Paktolos waterway (the old Lydians in Sardis, today's Manisa territory of our kin close Mud Springs in Salihli township "win/Waterfalls" at their plates in tea) prescribes washing.

fascinating thing is, that today are found in the sand gold plate tea Salihli Paktolos stream in the old times.

Jackass EARS Listen to the mid're LEGEND WHAT WILL LET 

Gordion our outing, we keep on listening to the strange dialect of the spirit legend's outing colic.

Gordion King Midas myth, the divine force of the supposed break with the purported Greek god Apollo is said to referee in a musical challenge between Pan.

Arbitrator Midas on to clarify that the hardest rivalry in Pan's won it exceptionally irate and offending him checks of Apollo, Midas-eared jackass abruptly the hurl.

Ruler Midas, a specific timeframe by method for a cone wore per whereupon accomplishment in an approach to conceal their ears from other individuals aside from his hair stylist, however the colossal mystery of this strange mystery about the whispering into a pit to withstand King Midas' hairdresser can not store a sort of additionally fills in a delightful land.

As time passes by reeds developing on the pit, as it blew a twist from one side, they whispered to every side of this enormous mystery.

So once they discovered that every one of the general population of King Midas' jackass ears.

Yes jackass ears Midas legend along these lines.

Archeological unearthings made in the Hellenistic period

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