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My city's name's history:

In history it ,is said that there was a gathering of ladies named 'amozon ladies' and this gathering of ladies were lived in aegeon area before Izmir had taken it's name.These ladies were loathe from the men and they utilize the men for overwhelming works and men were serving them.Amozon ladies were strong to the point that they were battling against the men and for carring their weapon they cut one of their bust.

One day the head of the gathering of Amozon ladies fell into affection and she chose to wed him so they join their territories. This central changes her name and she chose to take the name 'Smyrna'. And after that the man whom she wedded chose to give the name of his better half to their properties.

Since that day "Smyrna" got to be distinctly old name of Izmir. By the years passed the name Smyrna has changed such a large number of times and Izmir is the last name of these terrains.


Izmir is known as the pearl of Aegean area. . It is Turkey's third biggest city and second most critical port. Likewise, it is a critical tourism focus in this region.There are bunches of superb spots to visit and on the off chance that you need to have some good times time, Izmir is the best region for you.

The general population are extremely warmblooded and they are well known with their hospitality.Also, they are agreeable and helpful.in adicition, the young ladies have turned out to be acclaimed with their magnificence.


The climate is a typcal mediterranean climate.The summers are hot and the winters are warm. The normal temperature is 18 degrees. In winters the climate is here and there stormy and exceptionally cool, yet when all is said in done it has a decent climate.In summers the climate is constantly sunny, however some late spring evenings are a smidgen frosty.

Typically individuals can't choose what to wear when they need to go out. Since the climate can change. Snowfall is uncommon, however this winter it was extremely shocking to see Izmir secured with snow.


The accomodation will never be an issue for you. Since there are bunches of lodgings and they have great eateries and they are exceptionally agreeable. You have heaps of alternatives to pick an inn among them.Hilton, Ege Palas, Efes, Princess are a portion of the well known lodgings.


The best eateries are in Sahilevleri and Inciraltı. Fish is the best feast that you can eat. Particularly cipura is the best fish that individuals incline toward. You can discover this fish in any of Izmir's ocean depths eateries. And furthermore, you can eat your fish close to the ocean. Moreover there are extremely shifted bistros which have delicous suppers and which have exceptionally phenomenal ambience.You can likewise eat "Kumru" and "Boyoz" which are impossible to miss to Izmir. You can't locate the tasty taste of these sustenances in anyplace else.



Alsancak is the focal point of shopping and incredible bistros. There are present day structures and alluring shops along the road and many individuals like to go there for shopping. Shops and bistros are situated in boulevards and they are a long way from the primary road, so individuals are not exasperates by the activity.

Alsancak is the place that the young people want to go. Since there are heaps of phenomenal bistros and these bistros have tasty nourishments. Likewise, Hilton lodging is situated in this neighboorhood and it's diversion focus is prefered by the greater part of the adolescents. Additionally, you can see grown-ups who are playing amusement in this diversion focus. It is a place for having some good times and individuals from each age can have a great time there.


Road of Bars. You can discover unrecorded music in those bars and discos can be prefered as well. The bars are unique in relation to the standard bars on the grounds that alluring old houses are reestablished and keep running as a bar.


A lift from nineteenth century. It is 51 meters in tallness. It joins Mithat Paşa road to the Halil Rıfat Paşa road. It was inherent 1907 and reestablished by the region in 1993. On the upper side, there is an outdoors bistro and an eatery that offers you a delicous dinner with a stunning perspective of Izmir and the cove.


It is on the streets of Urla and Çeşme. On the off chance that you need to go to Balçova Thermal Springs turn left at Inciraltı cross roads.It is one kilometer away. This may have been the primary hydrotherapy focus of the old world. Today there are present day offices for guests to the hot springs and lavish lodgings. The temperature of the water is 63 degrees C.


Clock tower is another image of Izmir and it was work in Konak Meydan in 1901. It is heart of the city and it can be said to be a meeting place for some individuals. 25 M HIGHT


Ege Universty's grounds is situated here and Izmir Manisa streets goes through Bornova.it is seven kilometer far from the downtown area.


Cesme, which is 80 km far from Izmir is an occasion resort with superb accomodations and eateries. Altınyunus, Sheraton, Ontur are a portion of the celebrated inns that are generally prefered by sightseers. Eateries in Dalyan Köy are the most mainstream spots for eating fish and viewing the wonderful, clear, blue waters of Çeşme. Çeşme has likewise got an awesome night life to have a great time. Ocean side, Joy, Nispet, Mekan are a portion of the dance club.


It is an angling town 50 km far from Izmir. Foça is celebrated with it's phoakaians. You can discover them on the islands and it will be extremely engaging to go these islands by ship. Likewise, Foça have numerous inns and benefits. You can eat crisp fish there in light of the fact that as I said before it is an angling town.


It is said that Virgin Mary had spent her last years there. It is situated amongst Selçuk and Ephesus. Travel offices in Izmir sort out day visits to this place.


It is a global exchange reasonable that has been held since 1932. Amongst august and september acclaimed individuals result in these present circumstances reasonable and they offer shows to individuals of Izmir.


The palace offers you an incredible perspective of Izmir.


It is situated on the north shore of Izmir and is signifies "inverse shore"People who live in Karşıyaka imagine that, they are diffirent from individuals of Izmir and they have an individual culture and history. Likewise they have their own football group. They are dependably fight with Göztepe football group and it is difficult to go close them after Karşıyaka and Göztepe matchs.


It is one of the strip malls of Izmir. It is comprise of restricted roads and here you can discover gem dealers, drapers, shoemaker, and shops represent considerable authority in a wide range of products from cowhide to olives and cheddar. The environment of the structures are altogether different from other malls since, they have been in Konak Kemeraltı since nineteenth century and the buildins are antiquated.


It is situated between Konak meydan and Alsancak. It gets to be distinctly a standout amongst the most swarmed spots at the ends of the week. Particularly youngsters like to go there on the grounds that there are bars and a few spots for shopping.Kordon is likewise celebrated with it's stallion drawn phaetons with vivid ponpons and youthful significant others wants to meander with them. Kordon is exceptionally celebrated that there are heaps of tunes that are composed for Kordon :

"My beau appeared to state/Let us meet on the Kordon one day/Perhaps at ten o'clock".

This is one of the mainstream old melodies.


The name of the dock amongst Konak and Cumhuriyet Meydan. Pasaport Dock was inherent 1876. This zone was brimming with out-dated cafés which served waterpipes and in addition tea and espresso, yet today bars had their spot.


Where material is thought to have been designed. In the focal point of Pergamum Acropolis and the world's steepest amphitheater is found. This amphi theater has 16,000 seats. This complex was one of the chief heath penny ers of the old world.


It is 94 km far from Izmir. SeIcuk is the site of Ephesus Museum, a heavenly palace and the sixth century Basilica of St.John. The street to the resorts of Marmaris and Bodrum goes through Selcuk, likewise Kuşadası is twenty minutes from there.


Urla is a resort 42 km from Izmir n the street to Cesme. Individuals of Izmir spend their summers and ends of the week here. This city was the origin of the renowned rationalist Anaxogoras, and is recently additionally well known for a neighborhood baked good dish "katmer" and for its meat and fish eateries.


Dishes made with crisp herbs have an extraordinary place in the Aegean cooking. When spring comes nearby markets are loaded with green vegetables, for example, radika, turpotu, hardalotu and some more. The leaves are washed, whitened and presented with a ressing of lemon juice and olive oil.


Izmir's cove is extremely filthy. However, it will clean by a few people. They are working for it. What's more, some place, ocean's smeel is awful. You feel awful on the grounds that it.

9 Eylül 1922/İZMİR

"I cherish all Izmir and individuals of Izmir; I am certain that; delightful Izmir's ideal individuals adore me,too."

It was said by Atatürk in 1922

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