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GENERAL INFORMATIONSurface area: 5,862 km²Population: 265,153 (1990)Provincial Traffic No: 57Sinop is located in the most northern part of Anatolia in the middle of the Black Sea Region, at the narrowest part of the Boztepe Peninsula. It is one of the most beautiful natural ports of the Black Sea. The province, one of the oldest cities in the region, is the birthplace of Diogenes from the third century philosophers. The beaches that are intertwined with forests offer incredible beauty to visitors to the city.DIRECTIONS:The provinces of Sinop; Ayancık, Boyabat, Dikmen, Stable, Erfelek, Gezde, Saraydüzü and Turkeli'dir.Ayancık: 62 km from the city center. In the distance, it lies in the west of the province. Places to be visited include İstefan Kaya Tombs, Ayancik Church, İstefan Sulu Church, Iron Road, Çamurca Beach, Akgöl, Ayancık Çamlığı, Ayancık Çarşı Mosque, Yalı Hamami.Boyabat: 94 km from the city center. Away. Places to be visited include the Boyabat Fortress, the Salar Village Kaya Mezari, the Ambarkaya Mausoleum in Göynühören Village, the Pictured Rock in Dodurga Village, the Arımkaya Tunnel and the Kaya Tomb. Kalebağı, Topalçam, Bürnük picnic places are.Stable: 121 km from the city center. Away. It is based on very old by history. Places to be visited include Durakhan (Kervansaray), Ismail Bey Mosque, Yağbasan Tomb, Ambarkaya Tomb, Terelek Kaya Tomb, Buzluk Cave.Saraydüzü: 115 km from the city center. Away. The former name was changed to Saraydüzü after the name of Kiziloğlan syllabus.
HOW TO GO?Highway: The bus terminal is in the city center.Bus Station Tel: (+ 90-368) 260 03 04Seaway: It is located in the city center of Sinop Port.Liman Tel: (+ 90-368) 261 71 55Deniz Branch Tel: (+ 90-368) 261 59 05By Air: Sinop Airport is 8 km away from the city center. Transportation is done with dolmuş or taxi.Airport Tel: (+ 90-368) 271 44 55Turkish Airlines Sinop Branch Tel: (+ 90-368) 260 24 70PLACES TO VISITmuseumsSinop MuseumAddress: Okullar Cad. - SinopTel: (368) 261 19 75Historical Sinop PrisonSinop CastleIt was built on the peninsula in order to protect the city in 7th century BC. It was repaired during the Roman, Byzantine and Seljuk periods. Nowadays some of them still maintain their splendor. 2050 m. Length, 25 m. Height, 3m. Width and two main entrance gates.Old Sinop PrisonThe area where the Criminal House was located was the biggest theses of the Ottomans in the Black Sea. The penalty house was built inside the old shipyard area inside the kalenin. Since 1887, it has begun to be used as a prison house. Surrounded by high castle bodies. Because of this feature, it is impossible for prisoners to escape. At this moment, the Ministry of Culture has been transferred to the Ministry of Tourism and work continues to gain tourism.Mosque, Tomb and ChurchesAlaaddin Mosque: Immediately after the conquest of Sinop. It is the work of the Seljuk period. It lies to the south of a large courtyard. It has a rectangular plan and five domes. In the middle of the courtyard there is a fountain, and in a corner there are species of Isfendiyaroğulları.Other important monuments of Sinop are Kefevi Mosque, Palace Mosque, Mehmet Aga Mosque, Cezayirli Ali Pasha Mosque, Meydankapi Mosque and Iskele Camisidir.Seyyit Bilal Tomb: It was built during the election period. The tomb Hz. It was made in the place where Seyyit Bilal was martyred from the descendants of Hussein and his commanders of the Arab armies. Other important examples of Sinop are Gazi Çelebi, Sultan Hatun (Mirrored Women's Tomb), Kiltlar, Green Tomb, Isfendiyar Son and Çece Sultan Türbere.Balatlar Church: This building, which was thought to be used as a theater or bath in the Roman era, began to be used as a church by the Byzantines in the 7th century BC. Some of the frescoes on the inside stand. The property is located on the property belonging to the private person.National Parks and Protected AreasSarıkum Nature ReserveSinop Natural MonumentsPlatesGuzfındık - Bozarmut YaylalarıTransportation: Yaylalar Gerze - 35 km from Çalboğazı Municipality. It is reached to the southwest by the springy dirt road. Transportation takes about 45 minutes by car from Gerze beaches.Specifications: 1. 350 m. There are no infrastructure facilities in altitude.Accommodation - Food and Drink: There are no buildings on the plateau. They need to bring their tents and basic necessities with them.Turkeli Kurugöl PlateauTransportation: 12 km from the town of Turkeli. It's northwest. The first 10 km of the road is the dirt road, 2 km is the patrol.Specifications: 800 m. Altitude plateau is a scenic viewing cruise of the Black Sea. There is no infrastructure other than water and electricity.Accommodation-Eating-Drinking: Campers are required to bring tents and basic necessities with them.Ayancık - Akgol PlateauTransportation: It is 4 km to the right of the Ayancık-Boyabat road 44th kilometer. Then Akgöl is reached.Features: Akgöl Plateau is the preferred choice for botanical investigations, with a variety of ten thousand plant species found in pristine nature. Red speckled trout is produced in the artificial lake formed by covering the mouth of yemişli

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